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Witham Town Council Committees

The Town Council meets in full every month throughout the civic year, which begins in May.  The  Council is then divided into Committees that deal with specific areas and report back to the Full Council. With some exceptions, these generally meet every 2 months. Council meetings are open for the public to attend, and agenda and and minutes are available for each Committee by clicking the link below. Please refer to the Meeting Schedule to find dates and times.  Access is via the side door at the rear of the Town Hall.

Advisory Committees

Advisory committees are non-decision-making entities established by the Council and its standing committees from time to time as required. Advisory committees may exist in one of four prescribed formats:

  • Working Groups                (Ongoing handling of delegated perpetual business)

  • Review Groups                  (Specifically designated for the exploration of a single issue for report)

  • Scrutiny Panels                  (Standing oversight panels of 3 members holding power of intervention)

  • Steering Groups                (Explorative, consultative and research bodies)

These committees exist to examine particular issues in depth in researching topics, informing itself of a particular issue and making recommendations to the Council by producing reports and suggestions to their parent committee or where appropriate, full council.  Advisory committees should be reviewed from time to time by their parent committee as to their effectiveness, purpose and scope of works, and each committee assigned terms of reference which are reviewed annually to ensure focus within their allocated remit.

Advisory committees are prohibited from making financial decisions under the Local Government Act 1972.

Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group

The Town Council is empowered to create a 'Neighbourhood Plan', a supplementary planning document that can assist Braintree District Council in the setting out of future developments in Witham.  Although this is a complex issue, the Town Council has resolved to commence the creation of a new Neighbourhood Plan for Witham via its dedicated Steering Group.

Climate Change Working Group

The Town Council understands the role it needs to play in the global, climate change battle, which has led to the establishment of the Climate Change Working Group. The purpose of the group is to ensure that commitments for the climate are delivered not just as policies, but as tangible actions with material benefits. The Town Council is committed to ensure that policy formulation leads to genuine action.


The group is made up of at least 4 Members of Witham Town Council and there is currently no set requirement for frequency of meetings.  The Group exists to take forward strategies for reducing climate change and carbon emissions within the remit of the Council. It will consider the relevance of effect on climate change when making all future Council decisions and will provide suitable recommendations to address climate change to the Environment Committee.

Cycling Strategy Group

The Group exists to develop a strategy to improve Witham’s cycleways and associated infrastructure with stakeholders, public and other third parties to achieve end to end cycleways.

Improving Healthcare Facilities in Witham Working Group

This Group exists to work in partnership with the clinical commissioning group and Braintree District Council to facilitate the delivery of improved health facilities in Witham and reports to the Community Committee.

S106 Strategy Group

This Group exists to take forward the delivery of outstanding Section 106 agreements and works in partnership with Braintree District Council as a consultee on such projects.  The Group reports to the Environment Committee but may wish to make recommendation to other Committees on relevant projects.

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