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Local Councils are required by law to publish their policies online. Within this policy section, you can find out information on a broad range of matters including handling financial matters, tendering procedures, internal governance and appointment matters and statutory functions. Policies are regularly reviewed and amended by the Council's various committees. Further details concerning committee remits on policy, see the Council's Scheme of Delegation.


If you can't find what you're looking for, it may be elsewhere on our website.

If you would like further advice concerning Town Council policy or require policies in alternative formats including braille, please contact any member of staff who will be happy to assist you with your enquiries.

Corporate Governance

Standing Orders

This document states how the various different types of Council and Committee  Meetings, debates and voting shall be conducted by the Members.

Health and Safety Policy

Under the Health and Safety at Work etc. Act 1974, the Council has a duty both as an employer and as a body corporate, to prepare, update accordingly and bring to the attention of its employees a written statement of its general policy with respect to health and safety at work.

Training Policy

Witham Town Council (WTC) is committed to providing appropriate training opportunities for its employees and members, to enable them to undertake their duties more effectively.

Privacy Notice

This document explains how Witham Town Council handles and processes data, what we use data for and your rights concerning your personal data.

Public Complaints Procedure

The Complaints Procedure lays out the mechanism that we have in place for dealing with complaints against the Council and it's staff.

Data & Document Retention Policy

The purpose of this Policy is to ensure that necessary records and documents are adequately protected and maintained. It ensures that records that are no longer needed by Witham Town Council, or are of no value, are discarded at the proper time. 

Whistle Blowing Policy

Whistleblowing’ is the reporting by employees of suspected misconduct, illegal acts or failure to act within the Council.

Fire Safety Policy

This policy has been prepared to help Witham Town Council comply with its legal obligations to staff and visitors under the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005.

Officer, Member Relations

This protocol is intended to assist Councillors and employees in approaching some of the sensitive circumstances which arise in a challenging working environment.

Scheme of Delegation

The Scheme of delegation allows the Proper Officer, Responsible Finance Officer and Committees to act with delegated authority in specific circumstances.

Officers Registration of Gifts Policy

This policy explains the protocol in which officers of the Town Council shall register any gifts or hospitality offered.

Code of Conduct

The Code of Conduct for Members and Co-Opted Members of the Council during their time in office.



Publication Scheme

Witham Town Council will, as far as is possible, hold all its meetings in their entirety in public and publicises all documents and details as outlined within this publication scheme.

Equality Policy

The Council believes that equality for all is a basic human right and actively oppose all forms of unlawful and unfair discrimination. The Council celebrates the diversity of Essex and is striving to promote and reflect that diversity within our organisation.

Council Training Record

This spreadsheet documents the training courses attended by both members of staff and members of the Council

Anonymous Communications

Guidance on dealing with anonymous communications.

CCTV Policy

This Policy is to control the management, operation, use and confidentiality of the CCTV systems at the locations listed at the end of this document. Its sets out to comply with best practice in the CCTV Code of Practice, Charter for a democratic use of video-surveillance and other relevant guidance.

Environmental Policy

Witham Town Council is committed to reducing it's environmental impact and creating a sustainable community for residents and future generations.

Corporate Strategy

Our Corporate Strategy lists the objectives and principles of the Committees that make up Witham Town Council.

Freedom of Information Policy

This policy is managed in accordance with the Information Commissioners Office ‘Freedom of Information Code of Practice’ and sets out the rights and obligations of the Council in relation to the freedom of information.

Body Worn Cameras

This policy explains the protocol in which body worn cameras are operated and how we store the data that is captured.

Staff Code of Conduct

The public is entitled to expect the highest standards of conduct from all employees who work for local government. This Code outlines existing laws, regulations and conditions of service and provides further guidance to assist local authorities and their employees in their day-to-day work

Press & Media Policy

The purpose of this police is to define the roles and responsibilities within Witham Town Council for the working with the media and deals with the day-to-day relationship between the Council and the media.

Social Media Policy for Staff and Members

This policy explains the way in which members and staff are advised to use their social media accounts to avoid legal and reputational risk to both themselves and the council.

Meeting Attendance Policy

This policy intends to encourage efficient administration of meeting and avoid inquorate meetings.

Dignity at Work

This policy covers bullying and harassment of and by clerks/chief officers and all employees engaged to work at Witham Town Council.

VDU Policy

This policy explains how Witham Town Council manages risk for officers working on Display Screen Equipment

Services & Community

Town Plan

The purpose of this Town Plan is to set out a vision for the town in 20 years’ time, together with the steps needed to deliver it. 

Hire of Open Spaces Policy

Hire and use of open spaces are considered on a case by case basis, depending on what a client wishes to hire a space for, to what extent and what purpose.

Freedom of Witham

The Town Council has the power to grant persons who have rendered eminent services, the freedom of the town.  The Council can grant the honour by passing a resolution with a two thirds majority.

Allotment Management Policy

This policy sets out the tenancy agreement and responsibilities for maintaining an allotment

River Walk Management Plan

The Plan contains the aims which provide direction for the River Walk over the period 2020 – 2030

Be Safe Keep Safe

The Town Council is under a duty to consider the safety of the general public at large and recognises the need for positive action. We have formulated this policy centred around a four-point action plan to take positive steps towards crime reduction.

Snow Clearance

The Snow Clearance policy details the areas which the Town Council will clear and grit in the event of snow, and the priority of each area.

Community Statement

Witham Town Council by definition is the ‘local’ authority, and the Council places this mentality at the very heart of its work, defending local interests and positively promoting strong community cohesion.

Public Artefact Donation Scheme

This scheme allows local citizens, businesses and community groups the ability to donate any items of historical interest they may have in their possession to public ownership The Town Council  will hold them in the Town Hall archives.

Commemorative Items on the River Walk

Policy for the display of commemorative items on Witham’s River Walk.

Grant Awarding Policy

Witham Town Council aims to offer funding towards projects and services that work in partnership with the Council's aims and objectives to provide maximum benefit to the community.


Extended Procurement Process Policy

This policy explains the protocol in which the Town Council carries out ‘extended procurement’ as defined in the Financial Regulations.

Financial Regulations

These Financial Regulations govern the conduct of the financial transactions of the Council.

Treasury & Investment Policy

This policy explains the protocol in which the Town Council manages its investments, reserves and deposits.

LGPS Employer's Discretions Policy

The Local Government Pension Scheme Regulations define the details of the scheme for members, employing authorities and the administering authority (Essex Pension Fund). This document sets out the Town Council’s position on both mandatory and non-mandatory discretionary policies.

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