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Commemorative Bench Scheme

Witham Town Council currently run a successful commemorative bench scheme for members of the public to purchase a bench in memory of a loved one.  It is recognised that a much loved pet is very much a part of the family and owners may wish to remember them with a lasting tribute but the expense of purchasing a bench may be too costly.


The Pet Commemorative Bench Scheme therefore enables a memorial plaque to be purchased in memory of a beloved pet which will be placed on a dedicated bench on Witham’s River Walk.  Dogs that regularly walked along the River Walk can be fondly remembered at the place that they loved.

The Pet Commemorative Bench will display multiple engraved stainless steel plaques in memory of cherished pets. The cost of the scheme is £60 per plaque.


For more information and to take part in this scheme, simply contact Witham Town Council on 01376 520627 to discuss.

A commemorative bench on the River Walk
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