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Recycling in Witham

Yes Please 😍

  • empty aerosols 

  • cans and tins

  • cardboard boxes – large boxes can be folded and put next to sacks but only when weather is dry – wet cardboard cannot be recycled. 

  • clean foil 

  • greetings cards and wrapping paper (no plastic-based, glitter or foil wrapping)

  • newspapers, magazines and catalogues (no shredded paper)

  • clean and dry paper

  • plastic bottles, pots, tubs & trays

  • plastic tops, which you should screw back on the bottles

No, Thank you 🙁

  • bubble wrap

  • card, cardboard or paper that is dirty, wet or greasy

  • cardboard food and drink cartons, including those with metal bases, such as gravy cartons or Pringles tubes.

  • clothes, shoes and textiles. 

  • crisp packets

  • food waste

  • garden waste

  • glass jars and bottles.

  • hard plastic items (eg toys, CD cases, coat hangers)

  • metals (eg gas containers, paint tins and utensils)

  • nappies

  • plant pots

  • plastic film, wrapping or food bags and cling film 

  • polystyrene

  • refuse

  • shredded paper

  • small items (under 40 millimetres) 

  • wallpaper

Braintree District Council provide a Thursday fortnightly recycling kerb-side collection and a weekly food-waste collection. To download your collection calendar, click here:  Download your collection calendar – Braintree District Council


What can and can’t go in my clear sack?

Unfortunately, if the wrong items are put in your clear sack, the whole sack may go to landfill so please take care.

Recycling sacks are delivered free to your door, however if you run out, you can get an extra one from the Town Hall or Witham Library.


Food Waste


More than a quarter of Essex black bin waste is actually unwanted food which ends up in landfill where it rots and lets off harmful greenhouse gasses that contribute to climate change. However, if you use your green food caddy, this is collected and taken to a processing plant where it is recycled and transformed into energy and fertiliser.


If you don’t have a green caddy or need a new one, you can request a bin from Braintree District Council. Click here if you need a food bin Ask for a replacement bin – Braintree District Council


You can put you daily food waste in a small container like an ice-cream tub or kitchen caddy and then transfer it regularly to your food bin. Food waste can be put in compostable caddy liners (purchased from most supermarkets) or wrapped in newspaper before going in your food bin.

What can go in my green food bin?

  • meat and fish, both raw and cooked, including bones

  • fruit and vegetables, both raw and cooked, including peelings

  • dairy products such as yoghurt and cheese

  • eggs and eggshells

  • bread, cakes and pastries

  • rice, pasta and beans

  • uneaten food from plates and dishes

  • tea bags and coffee grounds

  • pet food

but not:

  • glass

  • packaging of any sort

  • liquids

  • oil or liquid fat

  • pet bedding or faeces

Someone's hand putting a banana skin into their food waste caddy
a green wheelie bin

Garden waste 🌳

From March 2024 Braintree District Council are charging for garden waste green bin collections. If you chose to pay the subscription, the bin will be collected fortnightly all year round (excluding Christmas / New Year). You can sign up for a garden waste collection here.  Sign up for the garden waste subscription service – Braintree District Council


All uncontaminated green waste is turned into compost using an open window method which can only be used with pure garden waste.

You can include:

  • garden weeds, plants and leaves

  • grass cuttings

  • shrub pruning and hedge trimmings

  • flowers

  • tree branches less than 30cm in circumference and 1 meter in length


Please do NOT include:

  • food incl. vegetable peelings

  • cat litter or dog mess

  • excessive soil or turf

  • Japanese knotweed

  • Coal ash

  • Compostable containers / cutlery /bags

  • Rubble/ gravel

  • Glass / plastic / metal / ornaments / nappies

Alternatively, you can compost yourself at home, a great way for you to provide nutrients for your garden   - click here for a guide Home composting – Composting – Braintree District Council

And there’s more recycling we can do in Witham to help save on landfill!  ♻️

a clothing recycling bin
a bottle bin
A recycling bin for food and drink cartons

Bottle / jar banks

Mill Lane carpark

Morrisons recycling layby

Newlands carpark

Spring Lodge


Soft Plastics - bags / crisp packets/bread bags / food wrapping / food pouches / salad bags/ toilet roll plastic wrap / cling film

Aldi by the entrance

Co-op Spa Road

Morrisons by the exit

Tesco by the exit


Home use printer inkjet cartridges

Morrisons store


Witham Library

Witham Town Hall





Morrisons store


Witham Town Hall



Unwanted / finished make-up containers

Boots Newland St. (also toothpaste)



Small electrical / electronic Items eg. Toasters/hairdryers/irons  etc.

Witham Library WEEE collection point


Textiles / shoes/handbags

Asda Car Park

Morrisons recycling layby

Mill Lane Car Park

Newlands Car Park



Unused / half used medicines

Your local pharmacy



Re-readable books

Tesco community book shelf

Charity shops

Magazines / Newspapers

Mill Lane car park

Morrisons recycling layby

Newlands car park



Juice, milk, chopped tomato, custard & other food cartons  / Pringles tubes /

paper containers with metal ends

Newlands Car Park

Morrisons recycling layby


Spectacles and soft contact lenses

Boots Optician (glasses only)





Tub at Tesco Customer Service Desk

The Spa Road Co-op





  • Crisp Packets – Witham Hub have joined The Crisp Packet Project and are collecting used crisp packets, preferably washed, to be used to make blankets for the homeless and others in need

  • Witham Community Coat Rack – good quality coats you no longer want, please donate to the coat rack at The Town Hall.

  • Give and Take community resources table – donate or swap unopened non-perishable food items, books, stationery and toiletries to Witham Library

  • Witham Community Fridge –donate any unwanted in-date food items or home-grown fruit and vegetables, helping to reduce food waste while helping others– Witham Hub

  • Pre-loved items that still have life left in them? You could donate to one of our local charity shop or consider giving them away from the comfort of your home using an on-line platform such as Witham Freegle  Explore Witham Freegle ( 

Witham Recycling Centre


Click here to book  Vello | Essex County Council or call 0345 603 7625 .

Note that blue badge holders, pedestrians and cyclists are not required to pre-book




 Find out more about recycling in Essex Love Essex


To discover more information about Braintree’s recycling policies Bins and recycling – Braintree District Council

an array of empty green bottles
a blue carrier bag
ink cartridges
4 aa batteries
3 lipsticks with their lids off
a selection of small electrical items eligible for recycling under the WEEE scheme, including a kettle, a blender, a food processor, a toaster and a food mixer
a pile of folded curtains
a graphic of 2 capsule pills and a pill bottle
a pile of 4 hardback books
a pile of newspapers
a milk carton
a pair of glasses
an array of 6 vapes
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