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S O C I A L   I S O L A T I O N

Everybody should have somebody by their side in society, but now more than ever there are many complex reasons that lead to people becoming socially isolated.

Have you been feeling isolated?

We're here for you. But so are many others too! Witham's local community has much more to offer than what might just appear at its surface.


Witham's bustling society of groups, societies, charities and local interest networks form the heart of our town, and whose many members contribute to the continued development of Witham's progress.

Getting involved with your local council and Witham's local groups is a fantastic way to try out something new, meet new people and contribute even more to your local community all the while you do.

It can be extremely difficult when faced with social isolation to take the plunge and step outside of your comfort zone, but with a little help from your friends and local councillors - anything is possible.

Seeking help

You don't have to feel alone any longer. Witham Town Council isn't just your local authority, it's also a safe space for all citizens, whatever the weather.


If you are feeling lonely and need some company, why not pop into the Information Centre for a chat and some ideas of what is going on in our local area?

In the meantime, if you are looking for an organisation of like-minded individuals, you can explore our online club list using the link below.




Feeling anxious, depressed or suicidal?


Help is at hand:

Meet your local councillor.

Did you know the Witham Town Council has sixteen town councillors? That's thirty-two ears to listen to you, and thirty-two hands of help. Getting in touch with your local councillor is easier than you might think, and there are no barriers or process involved. Simply get in touch with them!

But it doesn't just stop with correspondence - it's where it starts, because you can get directly involved with the Town Council's numerous committees, projects and volunteering opportunities today.

Why not start by finding out who your local councillors are today?

Keeping warm
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