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Planning & Transport Committee

This committee exercises the Council’s statutory right of commenting to Braintree District Council on all planning applications in the parish, commenting on planning policies to the relevant bodies, and making representations on highways matters.

Members of the Press and Public are welcome to attend Planning Committee Meetings. Local residents are invited to address the meeting on any item on the agenda, speaking for a maximum of 3 minutes.

The Planning Committee meets in the council chamber in the Town Hall.

Members of the Planning Applications & Transport Sub-Committee are:

J.C. Goodman (Chair)

K.L. Atwill

P.R. Barlow

P. Heath

S.E. Hicks

Miss C. Jay

Mrs A. Kilmartin (Vice Chair)

Mrs S.C. Lager 

M.C.M. Lager 

T. Pleasance

Following information that Bellway have appealed against Braintree District Council’s decision to refuse the application for outline consent for Phase 4 Land northeast of Rectory Lane, Rivenhall for 230 dwellings, Witham Town Council has taken positive action.  On Saturday 1st October 2022, Members of the Planning and Transport Committee held a ‘pop-up’ stall in the Newlands Centre where they discussed the application with residents and explained the reasons why the development was refused. 


As well as writing to the Planning Inspectorate detailing all our concerns and requesting an opportunity to make representations in person at the Inquiry, the Town Council urges residents to do so as well. You may want to adapt the sample objection letter below. Details for the Planning Inspectorate are-


Helen Skinner

Planning Inspectorate


Via email:


APP/Z1510/W/22/3305099 – Phase 4 Land North of Rectory Lane, Rivenhall

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