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Witham Neighbourhood Plan 



The Witham Neighbourhood Plan is in early stages of development. Braintree District Council recently adopted a Local Plan. Witham Town Council, the qualifying body for the production of the Neighbourhood Plan, are now undertaking research and seeking to understand your views to inform the production of the Plan. 


What is a neighbourhood plan?

The Localism Act 2011 introduced a right for local communities (usually a Parish or Town Council) to produce a type of community led plan called a neighbourhood plan. Neighbourhood planning gives communities direct power to develop a shared vision and shape the development and growth of their local area. Neighbourhood plans allow local residents to create a plan for new homes, shops, offices, services, facilities and infrastructure. Neighbourhood Plans are aligned with the Local Plan for the area.

A neighbourhood plan should set out the views of all people that live and work here, to guide the future of the area through policies within a well evidenced formally adopted Plan which has been subject to significant consultation, examination, and public referendum.  Once the Plan has been ‘made’, any new development which has an impact on the area will need to demonstrate how the proposals conform to policies within the Neighbourhood Plan.  The Plan will therefore have a significant impact on decisions being made by all levels of government and associated organisations, developers, and landowners.  

Once a neighbourhood plan is made (i.e., brought into legal force by the local authority following an examination and referendum on the Plan), it will be used to determine planning applications and guide planning decisions in the local area.


Why is this important?

A neighbourhood plan gives communities power to guide and shape future development.  Where a neighbourhood plan is aligned with the strategic needs and priorities of the wider local area, neighbourhood planning can provide a powerful set of tools for local people to ensure that they get the right types of future development for their community.  

What progress has been made so far?

The Witham Neighbourhood Plan is in early stages of development, which is why the views of the community are important to shape the ideas and content of the Plan as it develops.

A Neighbourhood Area application was submitted to Braintree District Council by Witham Town Council on 3rd August 2022 which includes the 4 Wards of Witham North, Witham Central, Witham South and Witham West under The Neighbourhood Planning (General) Regulations (2012) as amended. This was approved on 8th September 2022 and the Neighbourhood Area map can be viewed below:

Designated Witham Neighbourhood Area

This map shows the area which will be included within the Witham Neighbourhood Plan.

Map of Witham showing the boundary of the town

Witham Town Council has submitted an application for the Witham Neighbourhood Area under Regulation 7 of The Neighbourhood Planning (General) Regulations 2012 (As amended) to Braintree District Council.  Braintree District Council have approved the application as follows:

Witham Regulation 7 Notice Neighbourhood Plan
Witham NHP
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