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Witham Town Council Precept 2024-25

12 Jan 2024

Witham Town Council secures funding to continue Witham’s vision for the future

On Monday, Town Councillors overwhelmingly agreed that Witham’s share of the district’s council tax will rise by 26p a week for band D residents from April. Most householders in Witham live in band B and C properties and consequently will pay slightly less.

Witham Town Council receives the smallest proportion from the overall council tax yet provides Witham with a wealth of services at less than £2 week. The money covers the cost of the Town Hall, which houses the Diabetic Retinopathy Clinic and Barclays hub since the bank’s closure, as well as the Information Centre, whose friendly staff help residents with their queries and concerns. The precept further funds the management of the allotments with a new site opening this year, Witham’s spectacular summer floral displays, the Christmas light decorations and most prominently the overall maintenance of Whetmead Nature Reserve, James Cooke Wood, the Closed Churchyard and the “Jewel in the Crown”, The River Walk.

In addition, there are plans this year to increase the number of free events organised by the Town Council, following positive feedback from the recent survey in the quarterly Voice magazine. The Easter Egg Hunt, Halloween Spooktacular, Santa’s grotto and highly successful Street Entertainment Festival and Christmas Fayre will continue and the recent additions of the Teddy Bear’s Picnic and Music Festival will be retained in the event’s calendar as well as the Dog Show returning due to popular demand.

Witham Town Council is particularly focused on community safety and has this year overseen the installation of a number of CCTV cameras across the town and manages their ongoing usage. The Council supports a newly appointed Street Warden as well as Witham’s Special Constables, who attend surgeries at the Hub. The Council also facilitates a Community Beat surgery twice monthly at The Town Hall with Essex Police for residents to voice any concerns. Going forward, there are plans to fund more services including speed reduction measures.

The leader of Witham Town Council, Councillor Phil Barlow is proud of what Witham achieves “We believe that, at less than £2 a week, we offer outstanding value for money to Witham’s residents. We are committed to making Witham a safe enjoyable and healthy place to live for everyone and this will help make those plans a reality”.

The annual public meeting will be held in April where Councillors explain what the Council does in more detail and all the Council’s elected member details are available on the Town Council website, in the Witham Voice or in the Town Hall.

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