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Witham CCTV Expansion

24 Nov 2023

Sixteen new cameras installed

Witham Town Council is delighted to announce the significant expansion of the existing CCTV network in Witham, with the installation of sixteen new state-of-the-art cameras making a total of twenty-seven. These cameras have been strategically erected in various locations across the town to enhance security and provide increased visibility in key areas.


Witham Town Council is committed to ensuring the safety and well-being of its residents and visitors. The decision to expand the CCTV network is part of ongoing efforts to improve security and enhance the overall quality of life in Witham. With these additional cameras, the town's surveillance capabilities will be more robust and efficient than ever before.


The 16 new cameras have been thoughtfully placed in locations identified as viable for improved security and visibility, ensuring a broad coverage of Witham. The advanced technology integrated into these CCTV cameras ensures high-definition video capture, improved low-light performance, and the capability to remotely monitor and manage the cameras. With the new system in place, Essex Police in partnership with Witham Town Council will be better equipped to respond to incidents, deter criminal activity, and maintain a safer environment for all residents and visitors.


The funding for these cameras was secured in partnership with Braintree District Council through the Home Office Safer Streets programme which has a primary focus on reducing neighbourhood crime, anti-social behaviour and violence against women and girls. As well as receiving funding for CCTV, Witham Town Council has now employed a Street Warden to support the valuable work already being carried out by the Community Special Constables all of whom will be able to utilise the cameras. 


Cllr Mary Cunningham, Braintree District Council Cabinet Member for Stronger Communities, said: “The work done as part of the Safer Streets initiative in Witham has allowed for lots of initiatives to help residents feel safer. The latest development being the installation of these new CCTV cameras, which mark another important milestone of this project.”


Cllr Lucy Barlow, Chair of the Community Committee, said: “We are so pleased that our new cameras are finally in place, thanks to the hard work and dedication of the WTC officers and staff. The enhanced camera network has already been of service in deterring anti-social behaviour and improving street safety, fulfilling our aim to enhance our community here in Witham. These cameras are a vital resource and we are grateful to everyone who has made this project happen. “

Witham Town Council hopes that this latest expansion of the CCTV network reinforces the council's dedication to fostering a safe, vibrant, and thriving community.


For more information about Witham Town Council's initiatives, events, or the Community Special Constable scheme please visit our official website at 


Photo of Cllr Mary Cunningham (left) Cllr Lucy Barlow (right)

For more information, press only:

Nikki Smith, Witham Town Clerk

01376 520627

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