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Mayor's Civic Service & Community Awards

1 Nov 2023

Witham Town Council Honours Community Excellence at the Witham Town Mayor's Civic Service and Awards 2023

On Sunday, October 22, 2023, Witham Town Council held its annual Mayor's Civic Service and Awards at the Witham United Reformed Church, celebrating the exceptional contributions of community members and organisations to the town's well-being. This traditional service seamlessly incorporated the presentation of three prestigious awards, each highlighting excellence in their respective categories.


The Witham Town Mayor's Civic Service and Awards showcase the dedication and commitment of individuals and groups who have gone above and beyond to make a positive impact on their town.


The event featured three distinguished award categories:


1. The Community Award: Presented to recognise the remarkable contributions made by a local organisation to the Witham community. The winner of this year's Community Award was the Witham Hub, a testament to their unwavering dedication to local residents. The runner-up in this category was Community 360, who also demonstrated an outstanding commitment to serving the community.


2. The Environment Award: This award recognised an individual or group that has made a significant difference in the conservation and protection of Witham's environment. The deserving winner of the Environment Award was Connor Bouttell, whose efforts have significantly impacted the town's ecological well-being. The runner-up in this category was the Witham Scouts, whose commitment to environmental conservation has not gone unnoticed.


3. The Youth Award: Presented to a local young person (aged 21 or younger) or an organisation that supports young people in Witham. The Witham Carnival Association was honoured as the winner in this category, highlighting their dedication to empowering young people. The runner-up for the Youth Award was the Templar's Community Association, who have also made invaluable contributions to the town's youth.


The Witham Town Mayor's Civic Service and Awards 2023 was a testament to Witham's strong sense of community and commitment to acknowledging those who make a real difference in the lives of its residents.


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