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James Cooke Wood Boardwalk Installation

29 Feb 2024

Witham Town Council announce the completion of a boardwalk installation in James Cooke Wood

Witham Town Council are thrilled to announce the completion of a boardwalk installation in James Cooke Wood.  Located on the edge of Witham in Maldon Road, James Cooke Wood is a cherished natural asset which Witham Town Council created when they purchased the land back in 1993 and subsequently planted 6,000 trees forming the community woodland


The new boardwalk has been installed in a boggy part of the site which has now improved public access and is part of ongoing efforts to improve James Cooke Wood where tree thinning has also been carried out to enhance the health and biodiversity of the woodland.  With the new boardwalk in place, visitors can now explore this picturesque area with ease, enjoying the tranquillity and beauty of the woodland surroundings.


The boardwalk project has been funded by Section 106 developer funding through Braintree District Council which had been specifically earmarked for improvements to public open spaces.  Councillor Phil Barlow, Chairman of Witham Town Council’s Section 106 Steering Group said “We are delighted with the completion of our latest project to improve our public open spaces and which will enhance the visitor experience in the wood.  We are pleased to be able utilise available Section 106 funds for open space projects like these and enhancing our natural spaces for the benefit of our town”

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