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Witham Street Entertainment Festival

Witham Street Entertainment festival logo

Witham Street Entertainment Festival returned on Saturday 16th September 2023.

Red Green and Orange Sinulog Festival Landscape Poster (Poster (Portrait) (42  59.4 cm)) (

Witham Street Entertainment Festival took place on Saturday 17th September 2022.  The Festival was launched by Revd Jonathon Pritchard who performed a short service in thanks and remembrance of the Late Queen Elizabeth II who sadly passed away a few days before the Festival.

The free Festival took place in several venues: from the United Reformed Church to the Library, from the Newlands Shopping Centre to the Grove Shopping Centre and was enjoyed by everyone, young and old.

The theme of the festival this year was 'Conservation', and in keeping with this our programme was available on our website, with QR codes for ease of access distributed across the town.

Witham Street Entertainment Festival logo 2022
A performer dressed as a road sweeper in front of a crowd
A robot made of recycled items interacting with a girl
Performer with a puppet baby sloth being stroked by a lady with a young boy

Previous Event

Two female performers on stilts and dressed as butterflies with a young  boy
Two girls, one dressed as a tiger, being cuddled by a performer dressed as a giant sloth
A performer dressed in yellow trousers, green jacket and a top hat all covered in flowers shows something to  a young girl
Performer with yellow wig levitating a yellow orb between her hands
two performers in squirrel costumes wearing a suit and dress with two children
Two performers dressed as squirrels and wearing a suit and a dress with two girls
Two performers dressed as green ducks wearing clothes with three children
Performer in safari outfit with a robotic giant tortoise
two children with performer in a giant seal costume
Children crowded around robotic elephant puppet
Children with two mascot animals
boy with performer dressed as tree
two performers dressed as fishermen with puppet cod fish  with a father and son
Two performers wearing masques and a dress and suit covered in flowers with a little girl in a ladybird costume
A performer with a puppet dinosaur on his arm with his back to a crowd of people
A performer with a green baby T Rex puppet on his arm
A performer in a red and white striped t-shirt play a squash box for a crowd
Performer dressed as a giant duck with 2 young children
Performer dressed as a mermaid
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