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Procurement Opportunities

There are no current procurement opportunities

The following procurement opportunities have expired:

Previous Procurement Opportunities


Witham Town Council tendered for the procurement of multiple quick-deploy cameras to be installed in various key areas in and around the town centre. These units had to be capable of connecting to lighting columns or physical structures and must be easily removable and deployed into new locations when required.

Alongside the new CCTV cameras, the existing CCTV server located within the Witham Town Council offices required upgrading with a modern enterprise-style equivalent. This unit previously captured the incoming video signals from the town centre CCTV cameras.

The Invitation to Bid document contained detailed information on this project. Applications  had to be made using the Tender Submission Documents included in the Invitation to Bid. All Bids were to be submitted (electronic and hard copies) to the Town Clerk by noon on 6th September 2023.

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