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Queen's Platinum Jubilee

Celebrations for the Queen's Platinum Jubilee took place on the River Walk on Thursday 2nd June, with food, drink and entertainment for all the family, culminating in a lighting of a beacon and finishing at 10pm. The weather was sunny, and the event was well supported.

Photography by David Islip

Queen's Platinum Jubilee Logo
Caledonian Band in kilts playing drums and bagpipes
A crowd on their feet dancing on a field
Couple jiving
Lady in fifties style dress dancing with a lady holding a dog
Crowd sitting, standing and dancing
Performer on stage with two police officers and two children, dancing
rhythmic gymnastic performers
Town beacon light in twilight with surrounding crowd
Couple in fifties dress jiving
Performer on stilts with wings with man with small child on his shoulders
Young boy sat on chair wearing a crown and surrounded by cardboard cut outs of Quenn, corgis and a cold Stream Guard soldier
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