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Working Groups


Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group

The Town Council is empowered to create a 'Neighbourhood Plan', a supplementary planning document that can assist Braintree District Council in the setting out of future developments in Witham.  Although this is a complex issue, the Town Council has resolved to commence the creation of a new Neighbourhood Plan for Witham via it's dedicated Steering Group.

Open Space Management Sub-Committee


The group oversees the day-to-day management of Witham Town Council owned and leased open spaces including – the River Walk, James Cooke Wood, Whetmead Nature Reserve and All Saints Closed Churchyard.  They are responsible for management plans, projects of interest and any issues relating to Witham Town Council managed open spaces. They report to the Environment Committee and meet every 8 weeks.


Climate Change Working Group

The Town Council understands the role it needs to play in the global, climate change battle, which has led to the establishment of the Climate Change Working Group. The purpose of the group is to ensure that commitments for the climate are delivered not just as policies, but as tangible actions with material benefits. The Town Council is committed to ensure that policy formulation leads to genuine action.


It is made up of at least 4 Members of WTC and there is currently no set requirement for frequency of meetings.  The mission statement from the Terms of Reference is: "The Group exists to take forward strategies for reducing climate change and carbon emissions within the remit of the Council. It will consider the relevance of effect on climate change when making all future Council decisions and will provide suitable recommendations to address climate change to the Environment Committee."


Gimsons Review Group

The Gimsons Review Group has been formed to oversee the development of the Gimsons Estate and related tree works, footpath closure and removal of the historic railings in the Town Park.


Cycling Strategy Group

town centre
Obligations TAFG
revenue & localism

Town Centre Regeneration Steering Group

Working in partnership with Braintree District Council, the group commissions reports, recommendations and works as a consultee on projects concerning the regeneration of Witham’s public realm.  They meet approximately every 3 months and report to the Environment Committee


Improving Healthcare Facilities in Witham Working Group

The group exists to work in partnership with the Clinical Commissioning Group and Braintree District Council to facilitate the delivery of improved healthcare facilities in Witham.  They meet at least every 6 months and report to the Community Committee.


Delivering Developers’ Obligations Task & Finish Group

The group takes forward the issues of delivery of outstanding commitments outlined in the Maltings Lane Development’s agreements and works in partnership with Braintree District Council as a consultee on projects.  The group will also review developer commitments in general for the whole of Witham, scrutinising the process in arriving at the agreements through to completion.  It meets approximately every 3 months and reports to the Environment Committee.


Revenue & Localism Task & Finish Group

The Group exists to commission reports and make recommendations for revenue generating opportunities within the Town Council and pursue the case for devolution of assets and powers to the Town Council from principal authorities.  The Group reports to the Policy & Resources committee and meets approximately every 3 months or as frequently as required.

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