Community Special Constables Scheme

Witham Town Council currently fund four Community Special Constables.  From November 2020, they will provide us with a monthly report of their activities for the month

We are really pleased that Witham Town Council was the first local council to ‘go live’ with the Community Special Constables Scheme. This was the first such scheme in Essex (and possibly the first of its kind in the country).
This was the result of close co-operation between Essex Police and Witham Town Council over a long period of time and sees the Council funding any expenses for our volunteer police officers to be based in the town.
The development forms part of the Town Council’s 4-point attack on crime and Anti-Social Behaviour

  • Recruitment of local special constables

  • Extending and link up of CCTV throughout Witham

  • Help residents to self-help with advice and information

  • Promotion of resident’s associations across the town alongside existing Neighbourhood Watch scheme.

The scheme was launched in June 2018, with a media event at Witham Town Hall, to celebrate the occasion. This also formed part of Essex Police’s National Volunteers Week, which was part of a big media campaign for Essex Police to recruit more volunteers.

Each Special will volunteer a minimum of 16 hours each month in Witham to target and disrupt anti-social behaviour, respond to community concerns and carry out high visibility foot patrols in the town. The Specials have the same full policing powers and uniform as regular police officers.

In June 2020 we celebrated two years since the launch of the Police Specials Scheme. We now have four fully qualified Police Specials in Witham, and a fifth in the final stages of training.  

Should you be interested in being a part of the Community Special Constable Scheme, please visit: or email:

Witham Town Council

Witham Town Hall

61 Newland Street




Tel: 01376 520627


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