CCTV Consultation

Witham Town Council are undertaking a comprehensive report into our existing CCTV network and examining the feasibility of expansion.

Witham's 11 cameras are currently monitored 24 hours a day at the Chelmsford Monitoring Station where they can alert the Police to any incidents seen of CCTV, as well as access footage for the Police investigating past crimes. 

Recently, our Community Special Constables have been provided with remote access to the cameras which gives them the ability to watch events in the town in real time, rather than having to travel to Chelmsford.

Please submit your consultation response by 9th October.

Were you aware that Witham Town Council funded CCTV within the town?
Have you ever needed to access CCTV images through the police or your insurance company?
If you have needed to access CCTV, did the images help to secure a conviction or settle an insurance claim?

 Please state the nature of the incident

In the financial year 2019/2020 each household in Witham contributed a total of £2.31 through their Council Tax to fund the CCTVnetwork. Do you believe this is value for money?
Do you support the expansion of CCTV within Witham?

Please explain why:

Each new permanent camera installation would add £0.29p per year to your bill. Would you consider this value for money?
The following areas have been identified as potential sites for additional CCTV cameras. Which of these locations would you consider to be of most benefit?

Any other comments on CCTV within Witham

Thanks for submitting!