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The deadline for Grant Applications from Witham Town Council for Voluntary, Welfare and Cultural organisations for the financial year 2017/18 is 31st January 2017. Any applications received after this time may not be taken into consideration. Application forms and the funding criteria can be downloaded from http://www.witham.gov.uk/site/committees/policies-and-documents/ or by contacting Mark Squire, Town Clerk at the Town Hall.




353 People attended the event in total from various individual towns, including St Ambroix (France), Swiebodzice (Poland), Witham (England), Jueterbog (Germany) and Waldbroel (Germany).  The event took place in Asslar from 30.09.16 – 04.10.16.

Each days itinerary in turn highlighting  some of the key themes which were covered:-

30.09.16  European Values, Promoting tolerance and mutual understanding, exchanges between different countries.

01.10.16  Promoting peace in Europe, the importance of cooperation between countries and common European aims, the debate about the future of Europe, integration of disadvantaged people.

02.10.16  Development of networks, breaking down of prejudices, inclusion.

03.10.16  What the Schengen agreement means for a peaceful and economically successful Europe, promoting intercultural dialogue, understanding for other religions.

04.10.16  Evaluation of the meeting, Confirming projects for the future.


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Witham Town Council Parking Strategy Task Force Draft Review 2016

Witham Town Council formed a Task Force of interested local parties to investigate parking problems across the whole town to get a better understanding of what parking provision is needed, where and when, and how it is best provided, to develop an action plan which all interested parties can sign up to.  To read the full draft report click here

Essex Police

Essex Police has introduced Local Community Meetings and Street Meets across the County.  Please go along and help the Police make Essex a safer place to live and work.  For further information about these meetings please visit http://www.essex.police.uk/my_neighbourhood/braintree_district.aspx