Open Spaces Management Sub-Committee

The Open Spaces Management Sub-Committee has responsibility for overseeing the open spaces managed by the Town Council including the spaces of Whetmead Local Nature Reserve, James Cooke Wood and the River Walk. Meetings are held approximately once every eight weeks and report to the Environment Committee.

This Committee is an advisory committee and is open to the public. Membership is also open to interested parties who are not elected representatives. If you have an interest in joining this advisory committee then you can email

OSMSC Agenda 12.02.2020

RWAW Agenda 18.04.2018

RWAW Agenda 17.01.2018

Notes – RWAW 17.01.2018

RWAW Agenda 18-01-2017

Notes – RWAW 18.01.2017

RWAW Agenda 19-04-2017

Notes – RWAW 19.04.2017

RWAW Agenda 05-07-2017

Notes – RWAW 05.07.2017