Annual Governance & Accountability Return

The Town Council’s financial management and internal control system is underpinned by the Accounts & Audit Regulations 2015 which requires the authority to appoint an internal auditor who is independently responsible for assessing the management of public finances by both Members and Officers. In addition to this, each year the Council must complete the Annual Governance & Accountability Return (AGAR) which is independently examined by the ‘External’ Auditor (previously the Audit Commission). The Council’s external auditor is currently PKF Littlejohn.” The AGAR provides a summary position of the Council’s income, expenditure and levels of reserves and includes a statement approved by Members of the Council that the authority has correctly and properly discharged its duties in relation to financial management.

Details of the Town Council’s Annual Returns can be found here:

Witham Town Council Annual Return 2014/2015

Witham Town Council Annual Return 2015/2016

Witham Town Council Annual Return 2016/2017

Witham Town Council Annual Return 2017/2018

Witham Town Council Annual Return 2018/2019