Commemorative Tree Scheme

The Commemorative Tree Scheme has proven a popular and successful way of adding trees to the River Walk in Witham.  The scheme has been operating for a number of years and provides a unique opportunity to add a living celebration for someone or something very special to you.

Sites for commemorative trees are carefully selected by the Town Council. Only native species of trees are chosen,  with planting designed to enhance both the appearance and the wildlife value of the site.

Your attendance at the planting is welcomed and we are pleased to agree a convenient midweek date and time to do this.  Many tree donors bring along family and friends to witness the planting and the taking of photographs is encouraged, as is help to plant the tree if you wish.

Following the planting you will receive a certificate giving details of the location and species of your tree, along with any photographs the Town Council may have taken.  You are also offered the opportunity to place a message in our special Book of Commemoration, which is on permanent display in the Information Centre in the Town Hall.  Your message will be displayed on the date that you choose.

Trees provided under the scheme will be looked after by the Town Council’s staff.  Should a tree fail or be vandalised within seven years of planting the Town Council will replace it.

The cost for a commemorative tree is £150, payment should be made to confirm your booking along with a completed Commemorative Tree Scheme Application.



This scheme is currently closed until the Spring of 2018.

Should you require further information please contact