Town Plan


It is important that a long term strategic vision is now created to inform the town’s future development, and ensure that the appropriate infrastructure is planned for and put in place to support this.

In order to ensure that the Town Plan reflects the views of local residents, extensive consultation is vital. A number of methods have been used to obtain their views. Witham is fortunate to have such a diverse population, in terms of culture, socio-economic bands and age range. Consultation across this diversity is not simple, therefore a range of methods was used.

Extensive advertisement via:-

  • Articles in The Voice, the town council’s quarterly newsletter, informing and inviting comment
  • Articles in local newspapers
  • Town council website and facebook
  • Visits to clubs, organisations and local amenity groups
  • Visits to schools, playgroups and senior citizen’s groups
  • Workshops with the town’s tenants and residents’ associations
  • Questionnaires to shoppers in the town
  • Meetings with local businesses
  • Consultation with businesses on the industrial estates
  • Meetings with local retailers


  • 3 Neighbourhood Planning workshops


Numerous individuals and organisations have contributed to the compilation of the Town Plan. These include:-

  • Chamber of Commerce
  • Citizens’ Advice Bureau
  • BDC
  • ECC
  • Essex Police
  • Grove Shopping Centre
  • New River Retail
  • Grove Road Residents Association
  • Holdfast Credit Union
  • New Rickstones Academy – teachers and governors
  • New Maltings Academy – teachers and governors
  • URC
  • Witham and Countryside Society
  • Witham Carnival Association
  • Witham History Group
  • Witham Lionnesses
  • Witham Rotary Club
  • Witham Rubgy Club
  • Witham Strategy Group
  • Witham Twinning Association
  • Witham Town Team

Please click on the link below to see the Town Plan.

The Town Plan 2017