Policy & Documentation

To see the Town Council’s policy on General Data Protection Regulations please click on the link.

Privacy Notice

The Town Council Action Plan highlights the intentions of Members for the coming year and what the Council proposes to deliver:

Town Council Action Plan 2017-18

The Code of Conduct is a policy which elected Members are required to sign as part of the Localism Act 2011 and sets out standards for behavior in public life:

Town Council Code of Conduct

The Comments, Compliments and Complaints policy is used when you wish to make a formal comment to the Town Council or wish to raise a grievance with how an issue has been handled:

Comments, Compliments and Complaints

The Standing Orders are the chief policies which govern the rules of engagement and debate among elected Members:

Town Council Standing Orders

Financial Regulations are the chief policies which govern the rules of how public expenditure is managed and sets out the roles and responsibilities of both Members and Council Officers:

Financial Regulations

The Grant Application form is filled out by local community and charitable organisations who wish to call upon the Council to provide funding for a cause:

Grant Application Form

The Policy for Press & Media sets out the rights of those in attendance to Council meetings and committees:

Press & Media Policy

The Publication Scheme sets out the rules and regulations for the disclosure of public information and documents:

Publication Scheme

Our Training Policy sets out our standards for continued professional development of officers and skill development for Councillors.

Training Policy

The Data & Document Retention Policy sets out the governance arrangements for the retention of all electronic and paper based data and the management of Town Council public records, archives and files.

A guide to the principles of Freedom of Information under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and how to submit FOI requests to the Council.

Public Artefact Donation Scheme aims to protect and preserve the history and future of Witham’s heritage and community.

The Treasury and Investment Policy explains the protocol in which the Town Council manages its investments, reserves and deposits.